Patrick Starrr Faces Backlash After Solange Homage

Another day, another YouTuber controversy.

This time the drama is centered around Patrick Starrr, a makeup artist made famous by his YouTube channel and tutorials.

It all started when Starrr posted this picture of his homage to Solange Knowles.

He was inspired by this iconic look from Solange’s wedding day style.

Because it is 2017 and no one is safe from being called out on the internet, people immediately had a problem with Starrr’s post, specifically his wig. Even though he stated that he was inspired by Solange, people started to call him out because he is Filipino and not African-American, which they felt meant he was trying to appropriate a culture with the use of a “costume.”

Hairstyles have inspired much debate in regard to whether or not they are agents of cultural appropriation. Remember when Kylie Jenner found herself in hot water (twice) for posting a picture wearing cornrows? While there are varying opinions on it, some people came to Starrr’s defense because of the way that he obviously stated that it was inspiration from Solange’s look.

The past problem people have had with the cultural appropriation of hairstyles stems from the fact that the African-American community might have been wearing a hairstyle for centuries but it is not until a white celebrity, like Kim Kardashian or Khloe Kardashian wear it that is praised and labeled as “Kim Kardashian started this new trend …” Subsequently, the African-American community gets no credit for a hairstyle that they have been rocking for years.

Because Starrr attributed the look directly to Solange and her wedding day, many fans felt as if he actually did nothing wrong.

Internet controversy is not a good look, so Starrr apologized/gave an explanation for the look in a series of tweets.

“I want to apologize for offending anyone with my hairstyle last night,” Starr wrote. “I wanted to celebrate a beautiful hairstyle inspired by Solange. I am not in any way claiming to be black. I am Filipino and accepting and I hope we can all celebrate beauty/diversity all together.”

Starrr has since left the pictures posted on his Instagram and Twitter.

While some may agree or disagree with Starrr did, it is always a good message to remember to think critically about what we post online and if it could potentially offend someone.

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