The Coveted ‘Charlie & The Chocolate Factory’ Makeup Palette Is Almost Here

Months ago, Storybook Cosmetics (the brand behind the Mean Girls palette and the Wizardry & Witchcraft palette ) announced a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory makeup palette, and we’ve been waiting for our golden ticket ever since.

At long last, the brand has released some teasers to Instagram of the collection, which means that it could drop any day now.

The colors include the sparkly metallic “Violet Bureaugard,” an inexplicably pretty matte “Oompa Loompa,” a shimmery “Golden Ticket,” and a deep purple “Willy Wonka,” among other options. The 12 eyeshadow shades range from bright pastels to dark shimmers, but they are all appropriately colorful and look like they belong in Mr. Wonka’s shop.

The palette is not yet available on the Storybook Cosmetics website, but it says the release date is in “Summer 2017” — so we know its arrival is imminent.

Honestly, I could go another decade without seeing the orange-painted, off-key Oompa Loompas or Mr. Wonka’s eerie smile again, but this palette looks as enticing as that infamous blueberry gum.

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