Chrissy Teigen Joked About Buying A Sports Team & Of Course Everyone Took Her Seriously

Chrissy Teigen is as known for her rapid-fire snark on Twitter as she is for her dual supermodel and cookbook-writer status. Her followers have come to expect her offbeat, unfiltered brand of humor on the platform, delighting in her deadpans reacting to “news” about herself, her biting critiques of the U.S. government, and her ever-cheeky advice.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone understands her often stream-of-consciousness tweets. More than once people have taken the supermodel’s tweets at face value when they were meant to be humorous.

“Hello I would like to buy a team,” she tweeted on Friday, August 11 in her typical random fashion.

“Imagine having buying teams money,” the 31-year-old triple threat (Twitter, modeling, and cooking of course) tweeted again shortly afterwards, signaling to her followers that no, she is not actually looking to buy a sports team. (Though she pretended she would settle on the Cleveland Browns — the most affordable option.)

Of course, this did not stop many of her followers — and even SportsCenter — from taking her claim and running with it. Within the span of three hours, SportsCenter had tweeted out an article entitled: “Chrissy Teigen is looking to expand her professional portfolio in sports,” while followers poured into her mentions with team suggestions.

“It was a joke I have no team buying money are you insane,” Teigen responded to the article.

This is not the first time Teigen has been taken at face-value; in May she made a Notting Hill reference to a reporter, and proceeded to make headlines about how her entire face is fake.

Another follower completely missed the point, writing: “Imagine being a millionaire and still complaining about financial hardships.”

*sighs dramatically* Have you learned nothing? One does not attempt to drag Chrissy Teigen.

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