People Are HIGHLY Concerned About Chrissy Teigen Walking On Pointe Shoes

If you ever grew up with friends who practiced ballet, you know — pointe shoes are not for the faint of heart.

Chrissy Teigen learned this first-hand this weekend when she practiced twirling, untrained, in a borrowed pair of shoes, leaning on husband John Legend for stability.

“I have been in love with watching ballet since I was young,” she captioned the video of herself, poking fun at her own lack of ability. “I was given shoes from a performance John planned for me a few years ago. Tonight, I tried them on. IT IS HARD. Shout out to the ballerinas I love, and have loved, so so much.”

Though the supermodel and Lip Sync Battle co-host is not pretending to be a ballerina by any means, that is exactly what her followers are concerned about — and she has been hit by a slew of commenters asking her not to use pointe shoes untrained, worrying that she will hurt herself.

“CHRISSY please be careful,” one user wrote on Twitter. “It is so dangerous if you’re not trained to get hurt with pointe shoes and you are a treasure so…”

“It’s dangerous to play around with pointes when ur not trained, specially without elastic & ribbon, be careful!” another warned.

“If not properly trained, you could seriously injure yourself wearing pointe shoes.”

The woman with enough sass to personally offend the president of the United States does not seem bothered by the critiques, addressing them with her usual light-hearted, self-deprecating sense of humor.

Considering her lack of experience, she actually isn’t bad.

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