Rachel Lindsay’s Tweet About Friendships In Bachelor Nation Has Fans Reeling

While The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — to say nothing of Bachelor in Paradise — rarely lead to Romeo-save-me-I’ve-been-feeling-so-alone levels of Taylor Swift love stories, it’s pretty to think that at least some meaningful friendships have been forged out of the absurd six-week ventures into public romance.

One of the reasons Bachelor Nation fell for Rachel Lindsay in the first place is because she felt more authentic than previous Bachelorettes, so I shouldn’t hold it against her that she has shattered these long-held illusions of mine.

That isn’t to say that I won’t.

“These Bachelor friendships are fickle and fleeting… #loyalty,” the 32-year-old attorney tweeted yesterday (September 1).

This is a subtweet if we have ever seen one, and we aren’t the only ones going full Nancy Drew (’90s PC computer game version) on the declaration.

“SOOOOOOO true,” Olivia Caridi, who was on season 20 of The Bachelor, nodded.

“Ya but [Alexis Waters] & I will be friends till the day I die & then when I die from some cool stunt shell give the raddest profanity laden eulogy,” Wells Adams tweeted (a bit defensively.)

The rest of Bachelor Nation is mapping out possible culprits who were disloyal to Lindsay, hypothesizing that she might be referring to many of her friends who have been spending time with DeMario Jackson lately.




Or, as Bustle points out, the subtweet could be a nod to the women on Bachelor in Paradise (who were close with Rachel on The Bachelor) bullying Christen. People on social media quickly began comparing the girls to Mean Girls, and it doesn’t seem like the kind of behavior Lindsay would condone.

Of course, until she spills the tea, it is anyone’s guess who Lindsay is referring to. We’ll be waiting.

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