This Comedian Wrote His Girlfriend A ‘Poem’: The ‘King Of Queens’ Theme Song


King of Queens isn’t exactly the kind of show one pens poetry about, but that didn’t stop one enterprising man from using the show to troll his girlfriend with a feigned love poem.

Comedian Mike Recine went viral this week for texting his significant other the lyrics to the King of Queens theme song and pretending he wrote her a heartfelt poem, Mashable reports.

“All I wanna do/Is cash my check and drive/Right home to you/Cuz baby all my life I will be/Driving home to you” certainly wouldn’t be the worst poem a boyfriend has ever penned his S/O.

While undeniably cheesy, Recine’s girlfriend failed to recognize the song and applauded her boyfriend for his efforts, writing: “I love it,” with heart-eye emojis.

The tweet has amassed nearly 80,000 likes and 20,000 retweets at time of writing (September 3.) Recine has also inspired others to use the song to get points with their girlfriends as well, to varying effects.

Listen to the theme song below so that if you S/O pulls this, you can call them on it.

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