7 People Who Have Lost All Chill Over T-Swift’s New Song ‘…Ready For It’

Say what you will about the much beloved-despised-beloved-despised-again Taylor Swift, but she knows how to make an entrance.

After coming back from the dead (she does it all the time) last week with the fierce and, well, problematic diss track “Look What You Made Me Do,” the 27-year-old is attempting to reclaim her narrative yet again, releasing “…Ready For It” early this morning (September 3.)

The new track features Swift rapping, a heavy beat drop, Caribbean influences, and verse after verse of lyrics pointed at her ex (and current) boyfriends, giving listeners plenty to pore over. The country-turned-pop (turned rap?) star is capturing the headlines of every online media outlet, and there are already slews of think pieces analyzing the lyrics and who exactly she is talking rapping about. Needless to say, her fans have lost any semblance of chill — at least online.




At least judging by the romantic lyrics, the old Taylor may not be totally gone. Listen to the full track and form your own reaction here.


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