Gigi Hadid Discreetly Apologized For Her Racist Chinese Remarks

Recently Victoria’s Secret announced that Gigi Hadid will be walking again in this year’s iconic fashion show. The show itself is taking place in Shanghai, China. If this all seems fine and problem free well you’re wrong. Fans, specifically asian fans are not happy that Gigi will be in Asia.

In February Bella Hadid, her sister, posted an Instagram video that showed Gigi holding up a Buddha-shaped cookie and squinting her eyes to match the religious figure. Critics are saying that the model is playing on racist Asian stereotypes and mocking the religious figure.

Since the Victoria’s Secret announcement fans have been attacking the model on social media. Condemning her for her racist actions and telling her she isn’t welcome in China. Gigi has disabled the comments on her Instagram because of this. Gigi finally apologized for the video, which was taken in February, in a very discreet way and once again Asian fans are not happy.

Gigi posted an apology on Weibo, a Chinese social media site. Her statement is in both Mandarin and English. In her apology statement she “sincerely apologized” for her actions. She went on to say she has the “utmost respect and love for the people of China and cherish incredible memories I have made while visiting in the past.”

gigi hadid

She concluded her apology by saying how she is now very careful of how her “actions can come off or be portrayed” and wanting to meet all of her asian fans so they can get to know her and know she isn’t a racist.

Even though she apologized fans are not impressed. Why? Because Gigi posted her apology on Weibo and not on her Instagram or Twitter. Weibo is primarily used in China unlike her Twitter and Instagram, which all of her fans follow and keep tabs on.

They think she wants to keep the racist video and drama quiet and not infiltrate her main audience. But her asian fans aren’t being quiet about what they are calling her “apology.”

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