Aaron Samuels From ‘Mean Girls’ Didn’t Recognize Lindsay Lohan In A Picture

Aaron Samuels Jonathan Bennett must have had one too many marijuana tablets before an interview this week in which he completely failed to recognize his on-screen Mathlete girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan.

“That’s not Lindsay!” he proclaimed when shown a picture that was, indeed, LiLo.

When the interviewer corrected him, Bennett picked up the photo for himself, examining it with all of the fierce intensity of Cady realizing that the limit does not exist.

“Linds, lookin’ good!” he recovered when he realized his mistake. “Lindsay, looking really good! I miss you. I’m proud of you. Good job. Really comin’ together, Linds. Really comin’ together. Good job.”

So…you agree? You think she’s really pretty?

To be fair, it has been some years since the pair worked together on Mean Girls, and Lohan has been looking much healthier and happier as of late. Bennett doesn’t much resemble his mathematically-challenged Plastic-dating character either. (Though his hair does still look sexy pushed back.)

Bennett also revealed in the interview that Gretchen Weiners Lacey Chabert is “like his sister,” and that he would “absolutely” be interested in a Mean Girls sequel (does no one know that there was already a sequel?)

Watch the full interview here.

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