The 10 Most Mind-Blowing Things To See At This Year’s Sex Expo

Remember sex ed? The whole classroom was giddy and nervous as the teacher explained the ins and outs of basic, heterosexual sex, particularly the whole ‘no babies, no STDs aspect of it.’ As we grew into adults, many of us realized that there was so much about sex that we were never told, that we never read in textbooks or never gleaned from the birds and the bees. Sex has been stigmatized to the point of leaving so many adults not only ignorant, but also unable to reach their pleasure potential.

Well, y’all. Rejoice. Sex is back and it’s busting out of that stuffy, scary classroom and the boundaries of society’s stunted stigmas. The Sex Expo has returned to New York to “explore everything intimacy, relationships and sex.” Whether you’re a sexpert or a newbie, there’s something for everyone at the third annual weekend of real, true sex education and exploration in Brooklyn, New York. You can shop and demo different products in a body positive, gender-inclusive and LGBTQIA-friendly environment September 23-24 from 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Check out the lineup, weekend schedule and ticket prices at the Sex Expo site. Not sure where to start? Here’s a helpful guide of what you might like based on your interests.

For Game Of Thrones fans… Bad Dragon “Fantasy Toys”

Bad Dragon is a company founded by fantasy lovers, for fantasy lovers. Their mission is to make fantasies into reality with one-of-a-kind, creative designs and products, all so that you can live your happily ever after and give ‘winter is coming’ a whole new meaning.

For those who appreciate a good light show… Clandestine Devices

Clandestine Devices’s biggest product, Mimic, is basically a rave for your downstairs. It’s manta ray-shaped, waterproof, rechargeable and it comes in three different colors (black, lilac and seafoam green) so you can remain true to your aesthetic. It’s also equipped with glowing LED lights and can go for 90 minutes of powerful pulsations.

For all of the girl bosses… Dame Products

Dame Products is founded by smart women in the hopes of expanding female pleasure with out-of-this-world sex toys. Their goal is to help all women heighten their sense of intimacy and increase their self-efficacy with phenomenal, well-engineered sex toys.

For animation enthusiasts… DHH Digital Media

Dukes Hardcore Honeys proves that even adults can enjoy comics and cartoons. Erotic illustrator Duke’s art style includes women of all sizes and in several different erotic situations with corresponding dolls designed and molded after the characters from the comic book universe.

For dick pic dissenters… Dicture

When was the last time anyone sent an amazing dick pic? Never. Soraya Doolbaz is here to make dick pics great. Her penis photography is carving out its own space in the art world, creating balance where there is often gender inequality and taking dick pics from yikes to yes.

For Lush fanatics… It’s the Bomb

Because who doesn’t love a hot bath? It’s The Bomb offers an extensive array of soaps in erotic shapes, all of them made from arousing and high-quality ingredients including shea butter, oatmeal and goat’s milk.

For those still looking to find the right spot… MysteryVibe

MysteryVibe’s flagship product, Crescendo, is the world’s first body-adapting smart vibrator…. so if you hear angels singing, that explains that. It can fit to the body and help users find their g-spot while also amplifying their clitoral stimulation with or without a partner.

For those emoji addicts… Emojibrator

Emojis can help end the stigma. Emojibrator promotes healthy sexuality in order to take away any of the shameful or negative connotations from masturbation.

For those with cojones… Oxballs

Are you ready for it? Oxballs is inspired by a variety of kinks and fetishes, meaning that they’re tough and can take a little bit of rough-play. Their products range from cock rings to penis pumps.

For those who want it a little rough… Drilldo

If the sound of the “ultimate hardcore sex tool” doesn’t scare you/actually kinda excites you, then Drilldo is here to get you off. Drilldo basically helps make dildo holders compatible for any handheld drill, with a line that includes three different sets of Drilldo-branded handheld drills, dildos and accessories.

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