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This Is The Most Popular Birthday In The U.S.



If today, September 16, is your birthday, congratulations: you are not the slightest bit special.

At least, not when it comes to your birth date itself. Many people are likely juggling birthday parties and scrambling for last-minute gifts this weekend because today is the most popular birthday in the United States, Glamour reports.

Economist Amitabh Chandra declared September 16 the most-popular-birthday in 2006 by analyzing data for U.S. citizens over 26 years.

If you’re doing half-hearted math equations in your head right now, yes: September babies line up pretty well with the December holidays.

“During this time, most people get a break from work, a reminder to value one another, and the space to drop into the physical act of love,” astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo explained. “People are also inclined to more depression and loneliness during the holiday times, so it stands to reason that they find sexy ways to connect.”

Happy birthday, Virgos. And don’t take it too hard — Nick Jonas, Amy Poehler, and Ian Harding share your common birthday, too.

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