Chrissy Teigen Asked Fellow Moms For Moral Support & The Responses Will Make You Choke

Part of Chrissy Teigen’s charm is her realness. Sure, she can get under our president’s skin with a playground insult, fire back at her critics with enough venom to make them consider leaving the platform, and entertain the masses with her witty one-liners, but it is her self-awareness and unabashed honesty that makes her feel more accessible than other celebrities.

She has spoken out before about her struggles with pregnancy and postpartum depression in the past, and now the dedicated brown-banana hunter is opening up about parenting lows.

“I am having a very rough day and it would help me a lot if any moms would like to share stories of their kids being mean to them,” she wrote on Twitter yesterday (September 22).

While it’s reprehensible that one-year-old Luna would treat her mother this way — doesn’t she know WHO HER MOTHER IS? — moms came forth in droves to make Chrissy feel better with their own hilarious and shudder-worthy anecdotes. Apparently my hypothesis that kids are terrible all of the time is 100 percent true because over 6,000 people have responded to her tweet with tales of woe.

Read more of the replies for raw hilarity and also free birth control.

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