This Guy Asked Twitter To Send His Friend Bday Drinks & It Went About As Expected

Someone named Nick had an unorthodox birthday this week when his friend attempted to crowd-source free drinks on Twitter.

Twitter user @RoryMeep posted a picture of his friend to the app, writing: “This is Nick, and it’s his birthday. We’re at the Bankers Draft spoons in Sheffield, table 67, be generous and send him a Bev on the app xxx.”

While it’s a viable idea in theory to ask for freebies on your birthday, the tweet was liked 35,000 times, and Twitter came through in a super on-brand way. That is to say, people donated beverages and food, just not the ones asked for.

Nick and his friend were delighted with the free scoop of vanilla ice-cream and mini-bottle of prosecco people gifted him, which he pronounced “lovely.” He was markedly less delighted, however, by the plate of peas with gravy and mayonnaise, non-alcoholic beer, crispy onions, and dozens of glasses of milk.

Honestly, this night is a journey, a saga, and we invite you to embark on it with us.

Happy birthday, Nick. Here’s hoping some kind soul gifted you tums as well.

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