These 280-Character Tweets Prove That We Only Need 140

In a controversial move, Twitter began to unroll a 280 character limit on tweets this week, sampling the option with select users. In doing so, Twitter is also alarming longtime fans of the app who cannot grapple with such a profound change and who enjoy the concise format of 140 characters.

Disgruntled Twitter users are making their dissatisfaction known by putting the extra 140 characters to use in the most annoying ways possible. It takes ingenuity, the pointed obnoxiousness 280 character-testers have managed to channel, with song lyrics, purposeful meandering, or just blatant repetition.

Of course, some users are more concerned about President Trump having more characters to provoke world wars with. Others are calling Twitter out for adding characters while doing little to combat harassment on the app. Others still despise the extra characters, but feel a bit left out that they are not the Chosen Ones to test the move.

It’s possible we will all come around to a more verbose Twitter. If you resent the change but still want to feel included, you too can learn how to implement 140 characters too many here.

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