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This Boyfriend Took A Bullet For His Girlfriend During The Las Vegas Shooting

Since the Las Vegas mass shooting that happened late Sunday night, heroic stories of average American’s have been shared. Even though mass shootings shouldn’t be the norm and no one should be subjected to these hero opportunities, it’s still amazing that people sacrificed themselves to protect others. It gives hope that not all people are awful.

Shelby Fisher and her boyfriend attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival and when the bullets started firing Shelby’s boyfriend took one for her, while protecting her. She later shared the shocking and touching act on her Twitter. She tweeted, “Thank you for taking a shot for me. I love you babe thank you for keeping me safe!”

Since she posted so many people have liked, shared and responded to her tweet. One of her boyfriend’s friends quote tweeted it saying, “My boy legit took a bullet for his girl, if this ain’t love idk what love is.”

Shelby confirmed that her boo will survive the bullet wound.

So now that we know that her bae will live let’s go through the HILARIOUS responses to her tweet. An overwhelming number of people are encouraging Shelby to put a ring on it and marry her boyfriend ASAP.

That response has over 3,000 likes! On a response tweet!



Not every response was telling Shelby to tie the knot.

Even if Shelby doesn’t propose right now, I think her man is still boyfriend of the year.

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