James Charles Is Getting Dragged For His Latest Makeup Tutorial


James Charles, everyone’s second favorite YouTube makeup star to hate on (the first is Jeffree Star), posted a tutorial on Pennywise makeup. Now if you’ve been keeping tabs on all things James Charles drama then you know that James dragged the movie It when it came out.

He deleted his criticisms of the movie, but he called It “awful” and “predictable.” Finn Wolfhard, who starred in It, responded to James harsh tweet.

James loves a good controversy, don’t we all, and created a Pennywise the clown makeup tutorial full on knowing that it would stir the cup of tea he has been keeping warm since he dragged It.

James said his fans requested a Pennywise tutorial, but everyone still asked if you didn’t like the movie why be fake and do it?

But James doesn’t give a damn because even if you hate watch his tutorial he will still be making that coin and in the end of the day that’s what matters, right?

People don’t think so and are dragging James for being fake and starting drama for money.

Not even the cast of It could ignore James hypocritical ways.

If you haven’t noticed James LOVES drama so you bet his contoured faced replied to Wyatt Ghouleff.

In response to this conversation, Wyatt tweeted out to fans to stop being mean to James.

Everything seems good, right? WRONG.

You know what this strange drama needs? Another cast member from It jumping in!

This Twitter response sums up how we all feel about this drama.

All over a makeup tutorial. Wow.

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