What Is The Cost Of College Tuition Around The World?

Attending college in America is no small expense. Even applying to colleges can get costly. According to Student Loan Report, the average in-state student spends $8,700 on tuition every year over four years at a public school. For students attending a private university, they spend an average of $32,00 on tuition every year. The high tuition prices are why so many students have student loans and graduate in debt.

But how does the cost of America’s higher education compare to the rest of the world’s? Well, let’s just say we sit at the bottom of the list, to be more specific second to last.

Maybe studying outside of the country is worth it. Your bank account would be a lot fuller. Here are the world’s college tuition prices ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

1. Free Tuition

These countries have it figured out because tuition is free! Because there were so many It’s easier if they’re grouped all together. The countries with free tuition are Denmark, Brazil, Germany, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Norway and Poland. Even though all these countries have free tuition Norway and Denmark are the best because their annual per capita income is much higher than the rest.

2. France

The French may not have free tuition but it’s pretty close to free. Be prepared to throw maybe a grand or less towards your education every year.

3. Colombia

Colombia was barely beat out by France. Even though the tuition here is cheap the annual per capita income isn’t the greatest.

4. Austria

Austria sits at the low end of the list. Even though you’ll have to spend more than France and Columbia it’ll be worth it.

5. Switzerland

If you were going to pay for college Switzerland is where you want to end up. The country’s tuition is still relatively low, only a tad more expensive than Austria, and the annual per capita income is over $80,000. Expect to pay nearly nothing for school and then having a huge payday.

6. Italy

If you think Europe has it figured out when it comes to high education you just wait for England. Italy’s tuition is only going to set you back a couple grand a year, which is worth it because Italy is beautiful.

7. Netherlands

The Netherlands may seem high up on this list, but you’ll still be paying under $5,000 a year for tuition and that’s a steal.

8. China

China is just a smidge more expensive a year than the Netherlands, but the pay off isn’t worth it. The annual per capita income there is under $10,000, yikes!

9. Israel

Expect to pay close to $5,000 a year for schooling if you go to Israel.

10. New Zealand

Now we are hitting the $5,000 a year mark for tuitions. It costs a bit to go to school down under.

11. Australia

Shockingly, Australia is more expensive than New Zealand, I really thought it would be the other way around.

12. South Africa

Going to school in South Africa is not worth it. The country is high on the list hovering around the $5,000 mark and the annual per capita income is only slightly higher than that. The payoff is abysmal.

13. Japan

Japan’s annual average college tuition is going to cost more than $5,000 a year. Brush up on your Japanese before you make the trip.

14. Canada

America’s northern neighbor’s tuition is significantly lower than ours. If you live in a state close to Canada it wouldn’t hurt to check out college across the border.

15. South Korea

South Korea’s tuition is just slightly above Canada’s. Have fun exploring the peninsula.

16. America

America’s tuition is significantly higher than South Korea’s. The price jump is huge. Expect to pay around $8,000 a year for tuition and have annual per capita income of over $55,000.

17. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom only beat out America for the highest tuition by a hair. Don’t plan on studying here over America.

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