Justin Bieber Debuted A Dramatic Full-Torso Tattoo & His Fans Have Feelings

Breaking: Justin Bieber keeps an eclectic mix of products on his bathroom sink, including Chips Ahoy and some sort of black powder. He also appears to store his toothbrush in the actual sink, instead of resting it on the edge like most civilians.

Despite these clues about his living habits that will no doubt spawn in-depth longform journalism articles in the months to come, his fans are much more preoccupied with another detail in the 23-year-old singer’s recent Instagram: a new full-torso tattoo.

Bieber uploaded a series of Instagrams today (October 21) unveiling truly ~wild~ new ink. His abdomen is now covered with an angel, various skeletons, an eagle, and gothic arches. The dramatic new ink conceals his chest and stomach almost completely, and features heavy shading.

People notes that the “Baby” crooner (as he will forever be known to me) has over 60 tattoos, but this is definitely his most serious undertaking.



His fans have some questions, and some concerns, and some thoughts to share with the class.



Divisive as the new ink may be, it’s safe to say for hardcore stans, Bieber continues to wake them up daily (don’t need no Starbucks) and make their hearts pound.




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