This High School Student Has Worn A Different Halloween Costume Every Day This Month

Finding even one Halloween costume suitable for the occasion is a daunting last-minute scramble for many of us, but student Molly Foote is in a category all her own.

The high school senior has been making headlines this week for her unflinching commitment to dressing up every single day of October in her self-described “31 Days of Halloween costume challenge.” Her dedication to the holiday rivals even Vanessa Hudgens, whose Instagram has been black-and-white since September 30.

She hasn’t been opting for boring choices either: Foote has elected to dress as puns (French toast, 50 shades of gray), various foods (sushi, spaghetti and meatballs), and quirky animals (flamingo, snail), among other things.

Halloween costume challenge: 31 days of dressing up!! Here’s a thread of my costumes 🎃 #findmebuzzfeed @BuzzFeed

— Molly Foote (@mollyyfootee) October 18, 2017

“I started the 31 Days of Halloween costume challenge because I absolutely love Halloween,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I didn’t want to only wear one costume per year and so I decided to do a costume every day. I also wanted a way to be creative in my everyday outfits, and I thought that by dressing in costume, I could show that.”

She also DIYs many of her costumes, she told the outlet, shopping at Target and Joann Fabrics.

As for the holiday itself, Foote plans to dress as “a fish in a fish tank. It’s going to be a really large bubble thing with rocks and plants, with me as a fish in the middle.”

October isn’t over, and it’s safe to say she has more than a few eyes on her waiting to see what tomorrow’s ensemble will bring. As for the rest of us, we’ll be scouring the picked over selections at Target in search of a last-minute costume.

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