Six Women, Including Olivia Munn, Are Accusing Brett Ratner Of Sexual Harassment

In another shocking day of revelations, six women are stepping forward and sharing their stories of alleged sexual harassment and misconduct at the hands of Hollywood director and producer Brett Ratner. According to victims, Ratner, known for Rush Hour 2 and X-Men, masturbated in front of them, made inappropriate and graphic comments about them and sexually assaulted them.

Rattner joins the recently-disgraced Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey as another man exposed for his pattern of abuse and harassment. In this case, Rattner supposedly preyed on actresses in vulnerable positions, particularly those on his sets.

The LA Times told the stories of six women, each of them incredibly troubling, who are joining the ranks of Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan and Anthony Rapp (among so many others) with their admissions.

According to the report, Rattner forcibly kept her in his room, ignored her pleas to leave and then made her give him oral sex.

Henstridge has lived with the memory of the assault since the mid-1990s and her family and friends have testified to how it has affected.


— Natasha Henstridge (@nathenstridge) October 17, 2017

Actress Olivia Munn alleged that Ratner masturbated in front of her as she delivered him a meal in his trailer. She detailed the incident without naming his name in her book. Later, Ratner told reporters that he “banged” her three times, though he later admitted that he lied.

When Munn and Ratner encountered each other after the fallout, he allegedly told Munn that he masturbated onto magazine covers with her face on them. Several sources corroborated this account, though Ratner denied this claim.

Munn has been vocal about her support of the Weinstein victims and now her own bravery in stepping forward has others praising her own bravery. She is standing with five other victims, not all of whom are named or whose stories are told as explicitly at Munn’s. Each of their accounts is extremely troubling.

Your voices are powerful 💛💛💛 Thank you for your bravery ❤️❤️❤️

— Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) October 29, 2017

For his part, Ratner has been focused on denying the charges. In fact, in most cases, he has used excuses to either completely refute or minimize the allegations. He has said that some of them women were angry exes and that others were lying completely.

Ratner is a very successful and powerful figure who The Times quotes as loving “pretty girls.” He has dated Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Mariah Carey and is well-known for bragging about his womanizing ways.

As always, we stand with victims of sexual assault. Their stories and experiences continue to mount against so many powerful people, but no matter who or where they are, we urge all survivors to make sure that they are keeping in touch with the state of their mental health during times like these. Each day of revelations brings on another challenge for survivors and we hope that everyone can continue to preserve their own mental wellness.

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