These $95 ‘Paper’ Cups From Tiffany & Co. Are The Dictionary Definition Of Extra

If splurging on bottomless mimosas simply isn’t enough to celebrate Pay Day this month, Tiffany & Co. has a new home and accessories line poised to swallow an entire paycheck at once.

The new collection features a number of “everyday items” with a luxury twist, from a $225 sterling silver corkscrew to $375 glass and sterling silver paper weights with Tiffany Blue enamel accent to a $1,500 gold paper clip (not to be confused with every other paperclip by accident) to a $350 sterling silver and vermeil “crazy straw” to $1,500 walnut and silver dominoes.

The $95 paper cup “reimagined in bone china” remains my favorite piece in the collection for the whimsical paradox of its title, though the $650 set of leather, walnut, and silver ping-pong paddles is a close second. (Do people actually play with these sacred paddles?)

“We believe in living with beautiful things every day,” the collection description reads. “Every accessory and object we design has an intelligence and wit that make the ordinary feel extraordinary.”

The deep-pocketed shoppers who buy from this collection and others like it need their own television show, and fast. (Though part of me hopes that there is a broke college student somewhere whose desire for a single gold $1,500 paper clip transcended all of their practicalities, and they are now grappling with the severity of that decision.)

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