DiGiorno Is Dragging Papa John’s On Twitter & It’s What Petty Dreams Are Made Of

Papa John’s has found its name in no shortage of headlines this week after owner John Schnatter blamed NFL player national anthem protests for its plummeting pizza sales.

“The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current debacle,” he reportedly said on a conference call Wednesday, arguing that because Papa John’s is the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, viewer boycotts of the NFL and dropping pizza sales are linked. (As an avid Trump supporter and outspoken Republican, Delish notes that his claim may well be a political statement).

His words went also over about as well as could be expected. People on Twitter none-too-subtly suggested he blame the pizza quality for falling sales instead of NFL players, andΒ  — in a rather delightful twist — DiGiorno decided to drum up their own sales by positioning themselves as the antithesis of the chain.

DiGiorno tweeted an emoji-ridden “us vs. them” swing at the garlic sauce aficionados, and it amassed over 60,000 likes and 17,000 likes. People were thrown by the unprecedented shade.


In turn, Papa John’s responded by changing their Twitter bio to: “Frozen pizza = the pizza equivalent of a participation trophy.” It didn’t exactly go over so well, and they have since reverted to “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Better Tweets.”

Meanwhile, DiGiorno decided to dive in, leaning into their new petty streak, with a slew of tweets slamming Papa John’s and turning into the brand equivalent of the hair-flip emoji.

It’s safe to say that DiGiorno won this round.

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