You Can Now Eat Actual Breakfast At Tiffany’s Thanks To An Instagrammable New Café

It would have ruined the charming sense of longing inherent to the film if Holly Golightly were to abandon her croissant and coffee and actually stride inside Tiffany’s, head high, for smoked salmon and a bagel stick.

Then again, for modern-day admirers of the classic film, the notion of eating actual breakfast at Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store is enough to make one want to don an elaborate top knot and strand of pearls and hail the nearest cab.

The famed luxury brand opened the Blue Box Café at its New York flagship on Friday (November 10), Vanity Fair reports, offering customers the chance at an IRL Breakfast at Tiffany’s experience. Even those with Golightly’s sparse budget will be able to unwind on the fourth floor for the momentary respite of a meal overlooking the sprawling city.

$29 buys a chic and affordable breakfast of coffee or tea, a croissant and seasonal fruit, and your choice of a buttermilk waffle, smoked salmon and bagel stack, truffle eggs, or avocado toast, The New York Times reports. The store is also “entirely Tiffany blue,” decorated with blue walls, dining chairs, and plates.

The high-end luxury brand recently opened a lifestyle line selling $1,500 gold paper clips and walnut and silver dominoes priced higher than an international plane ticket, so this move towards affordability — even in dining — will be welcome to many of its shoppers. Now consumers can bask in the baby blue aesthetic of the store without being overcome by that twinge of longing to turn their bank accounts inside out.


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