This $422 Trash Bag Would Make Oscar The Grouch Proud

Trash… but make it fashion.

An oversized leather trash bag is getting viral attention this week both for its oxymoronic concept and for its sky-high price point at $422. The luxury “bin bag” is a meme waiting to happen for anyone who has ever felt a visceral connection with literal trash.

“It is made in quality Spanish leather but looks like a real plastic trash bag,” the BIIS company website explains, a sentence that some on Twitter were quick to identify with.

The “Bin bag” comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large, starting at a modest $255.

While I’m not convinced the bag isn’t an art show piece meant to spark conversation about the overpowering role of commerce in our everyday lives,┬áBIIS isn’t the first company to reinvent everyday household items with a luxury twist. Prada made headlines earlier this year for its $185 paper clip, and Tiffany & Co. has an entire new lifestyle line featuring “everyday items” like $95 paper cups. At this point, I’m hesitant to venture at what I’ll be covering next. Sapphire-encrusted coffee filters? $3,000 thumbtacks? Tissues infused with flecks of authentic rose gold?

Despite the high price point, the luxury “trash” bag has almost infinite Instagram caption potential, so don’t be surprised if it sells out. Just don’t use it for actual trash.

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