The Most Liked Instagram Photos Of 2017 Will Surprise You

It’s almost the end of the year and many people are excited for 2018, hoping it’s better than this past year. Even though many people think 2017 was rough there were a lot of Instagram worthy moments.

You scroll through your Instagram feed double tapping photos all day long, but what were the most liked Instagram photos of 2017? Which posts got the most love? Well, obviously the number one liked Instagram photo of 2017 is Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement post.

This shouldn’t come to shock anyone. As soon as Bey posted that photo it quickly broke the internet. It became the most liked Instagram photo EVER just eight hours after being posted. Not only does Beyoncé have the most liked Instagram of 2017, but she is also the highest paid female artist of 2017. So it wasn’t a bad year if you’re Beyoncé. Her pregnancy post has a cool 11.18 million likes.

The second highest liked post of this year was from soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The picture feature Ronaldo with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and their newborn baby. A little over 11 million people double tapped this picture.

The third most liked Instagram is Selena Gomez‘s kidney transplant post. The singer revealed that she underwent a life-saving kidney transplant over the summer through Instagram and the post rocked everyone’s world. The Instagram gallery featured Selena and her best friend Francia Raisa, who gave Selena a kidney and photos of Selena’s scar. Selena felt the love with around 10.31 million likes.

Shockingly the rest of the top 10 most liked photos are just from these three celebrities. This shouldn’t be shocking considering that Selena, Cristiano and Beyoncé are three of the top four most followed celebrities on Instagram. Ariana Grande beat out Beyoncé for the third slot with 115 million followers, but none of Ariana’s post made the top 10.

The celeb with the most posts in the top 10 liked list is Selena. She has five of the top 10 most liked photos. All hail the queen of Instagram, Selena.

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