Starbucks’ New Christmas Drink Will Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Starbucks has been releasing limited edition drinks for holidays recently, like the Zombie Frappuccino for Halloween and Christmas is no different. Starbucks just announced that they are dropping and exclusive Christmas Tree Frappuccino that looks just like a Christmas tree.


According to Cosmopolitan, the drink will have a Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino base and the toppings are where the fun starts. The Frapp will be topped with matcha whipped cream and decorated with caramel garland drizzle, candid cranberry ornaments and a strawberry tree topper.

The only problem is that drinking a cold Frappuccino in the middle of winter is a guaranteed brain freeze. But the Snapchat of the cute Christmas drink will be worth it!

The exclusive Christmas Frappuccino is only available for a limited time in the U.S. and Canada from December 7 through December 11. Because the Christmas drink is being sold super early in the month I’m going to guess that Starbucks has a few more limited holiday drinks up their sleeve.

But for now, go grab the Christmas Tree Frappuccino!

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