Chance The Weatherman Is Almost As Good As Chance The Rapper

The name “Chance the Rapper” limits the artist’s wide repertoire of skills. He is also Chance the Activist, Chance the Comedian, Chance the Twitter Clapback King, and, as yesterday demonstrated, he could be well on his way to becoming Chance the Weatherman.

Chance appeared on the WGN Morning News on Friday (December 8) to promote their toy drive and to do a weather broadcast, going into the latter with as much knowledge as his Saturday Night Live character reporting on hockey (which is to say, none).

That isn’t to say he didn’t embody the role of Chance the Weatherman.

“St. Louis… is also a part of Illinois apparently,” he mused while gesturing at the green screen, his own rap music playing in the background.

He also paused his forecast to mess with the green screen, putting on his jacket over it.

“I’ve got an invisibility cloak,” he announced, donning his coat with a grin. “If i have to check out books at the Hogwarts library I can do that.”

Between his amusing weather forecast and his on-screen wisdom (“Every snowflake is different. They actually have DNA like people”) viewers are thinking WGN should probably hire him full-time.

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