The Wholesome ‘Sex Is Cool’ Meme Will Banish Your Sunday Scaries

As we grapple with the relentless perpetuity of 2017, our memes have become both more eccentric and more wholesome. In the aftermath of the random hilarity of the “plums in the icebox” meme based on the classic William Carlos Williams poem, Twitter has latched onto a new joke about all of the things in this world cooler than sex.

As Teen Vogue notes, the meme actually originates from joke account Pakalu Papito‘s iconic 2015 tweet: “sex is cool but have u ever had garlic bread” (a worthy point). In its latest resurgence, people are naming experiences that are at face-value much better than sex (“yeah sex is cool but have you ever stepped on a crunchy leaf,”) praising their musical and pop culture idols (“yeah sex is cool but have you ever heard Lana Del Rey,”) and calling for political change (“yeah sex is cool but what if we impeach the fool”).

In its lifespan, the original tweet has racked up 12,000 likes and over 9,000 retweets — but several of the new tweets have garnered even more viral attention. The only rule is that each tweet must begin with “yeah sex is cool,” and go from there.

Many people are using the meme to highlight the little pleasures in life.

Others saw an opportunity to highlight significant moments in pop culture.

And, being 2017, several people turned the meme into a call for political action.

Then, of course, there’s this.

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