This Viral Dog Nativity Scene Is Making People Melt

Just as dog deaths in movies affect people more than human deaths ever could, a dog nativity scene is filling everyone who sees it with more holiday spirit than a human one could conjure.

Wags to Riches Pet Services, a dog walking and grooming business based in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, posted a snapshot of their doggy nativity scene in early December — and effectively broke the Internet. The picture features six dogs with towels draped over their heads acting as Mary, Joseph, and even the puppy Jesus.

“That’s it, my heart has burst,” Twitter user @RachMcV tweeted this week, to 88,000 likes.

Co-owner Jo Kingston was surprised by the response to her photoshoot, but she doesn’t take credit for the idea.

“I’d seen it on the internet before, I’m not the first to do it,” she told BBC. “People love seeing the dogs – especially with towels on their heads.”

She’s not wrong.

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