The New York Times Is Airing A Powerful #MeToo Ad During The Golden Globes


A number of actors and presenters, led by Reese Witherspoon, will be wearing “Time’s Up” pins at the Golden Globes tomorrow night to stand against sexual misconduct in the workplace and to spread awareness of the newly-created legal defense fund supporting victims.

While expected to be a powerful show of resistance, that won’t be the only representation of the far-reaching #MeToo movement at the award show: we can also expect a chilling and effective advertising campaign.

The New York Times unleashed its latest advertisement this week that is scheduled to air at the award ceremony on Sunday (January 7), highlighting the paper’s role in exposing sexual predators.

The Times was the first outlet to break the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, and in the ad, it draws attention to the consequences of that piece. While only 30 seconds in length, the video’s dark and captivating message is sure to resonate with its audience.

“He said. She said,” the ad begins, alluding to how long women have been silenced when they speak out about sexual assault or harassment. It ends with an important slogan in the age of “fake news,” reading: “The truth has power. The truth will not be threatened. The truth has a voice.”

“We thought that using language that has been used to silence women in the past and turning it on its head was a simple way to show the clear distinction between the way the world was merely a year ago and the way it is now,” associate creative director of Droga5 told Ad Age in an interview.

Watch the ad below:

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