Sarah Silverman’s Exchange With A Twitter Troll Is Warming Everyone’s Hearts

Most articles of this nature applaud celebrity clap-back culture, and rightfully so: Twitter trolls are often among the cruelest and least empathetic users on the platform.

It’s perhaps because of the often-bitter exchanges on the app that Sarah Silverman’s surprising exchange with her Twitter troll is gaining so many peoples’ attention.

After a user called her a lewd word, Silverman responded with class: “I believe in you,” she wrote. “Your rage is thinly veiled pain. I know this feeling. My back f-king sucks too.”

Her empathetic words helped more than she could have imagined. The user revealed that a man “that resembles Kevin Spacey” sexually abused him in his childhood and that he is struggling with money and unable to afford proper care.

With a little prodding on Silverman’s part, he agreed to seek out a support group and apologized to her for his rude word. “I’ll get positive soon, I’ve always been negative,” he promised. The exchange ended with the user praising her “love for humanity” and Silverman crowd-sourcing help for her fan’s pain management.

Read the thread below — and for a brief moment, relish in the heartwarming and sweet exchange on a platform often known for the opposite.

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