This Travel Agency Will Pay You To Do ‘As Little As Possible’

While most job listings require a laughable amount of experience, education, and skills for even entry-level positions, one travel agency is seeking candidates with as little drive as possible.

TUI in Stockholm, Sweden is hiring four “professional slackers” to lounge, read, and otherwise ~chill~ for six hours a day, Travel & Leisure reports. In what sounds like a wistful Onion article written by an overworked employee, the position requirements include: “not at all able to think outside the box,” “feel extremely uncomfortable hearing words like ‘productivity,'” and “truly prioritize your own relaxation.”

Selected “Fakeation Specialists” will be paid hourly and work six-hour shifts from January 22 to February 4 without conversing with a single customer, responding to a passive-aggressive e-mail, or even waking up. The only job requirement is to hang out in a “cozy” Mediterranean-themed office on a beach chair or towel.

The rigorous application process involves writing a “couple of lines” and attaching a picture in your “most relaxed pose” — no cover letter or resume required. Applications are due on January 14, which sounds soon for many slackers — but telling your parents you’re getting paid to listen to the new Camila Cabello album and nap sounds well worth the meager effort.

May the least motivated applicant win.

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