People Are Sharing The Strangest Rules Their Parents Made For Them Growing Up



Growing up was an exercise in learning which friends’ parents took a more relaxed approach to parenting, and which adhered to strict curfews, punishments, and chore charts. (There was always that one friend who seemed to be perpetually grounded). Many kids who grew up with strict parents understand where their parents are coming from much better as adults with children of their own — but some rules will always be bewildering, regardless of how much time has passed.

Twitter user and writer @toomuchnick spurred a LOL-worthy discussion this week, The Berry discovered, when he asked his followers to name “the funniest time” their parents banned “a piece of pop culture,” citing the time his own parents tore an innocuous “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” comic out of his magazine.

As anticipated, Twitter delivered with a series of anecdotes that still perplex them to this day.

One user’s parents thought The Force sent the wrong religious messages.

R.I.P. Will Smith.

This user’s music teacher was not here for “Ironic.”


This kid’s parents were very anti-witch.

This user’s parents rejected a decade.

This diligent mom deserves an award.

And, finally, this poor user — whose parents were horrified by unusual family structures.

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