A ‘Harry Potter’ River Cruise Exists Now & It Sounds Magical

Wealthy muggles rejoice! There’s now a brand-new way to celebrate our society’s collective and undying adoration for Harry Potter, and it sounds enchanting.

Barge Lady Cruises is offering a week-long river cruise on the River Thames that stops at multiple Harry Potter movie destinations in the U.K. An eight-passenger luxury boat, the Magna Carta, will take off in London and stop at the picturesque lake where Harry first meets Buckbeak, the real-life Privet Lane, the Warner Brothers Studios, and Oxford’s Christ Church College (which the Great Hall was modeled after).

Those interested will have to dole out a few galleons (it’s over $4,000 per person) or brew some felix felicitus to get on-board (though an invisibility cloak might also do the trick).

Read all of the information here.

Mischief managed.

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