This Is How You Can Score Free NYX Mascara This Saturday

If you’re a college student, you most likely come running if you ever the hear the words “discount” or “free.” If you’re the type to drive to different Chick-fil-A locations on Cow Appreciation Day or take advantage of getting free retail items on your birthday, listen up. This Saturday only, NYX is giving out free mascara.

Though known for their lip products, NYX’s lash makeup is worth eyeing. On February 3rd, NYX is giving away their new product, the Worth the Hype Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara. The product description states, “This buildable formula actually does what it promises…It also features a brush that tapers at the tip, so you can brush, build, and lengthen even the littlest baby lashes at the inner corners of your eyes.”

While some may prefer luxury makeup brands, mascara is a product that doesn’t have to be high-end to do its job so Worth the Hype is worth a try. Mascara also has a pretty short shelf life of a few months before it becomes clumpy and dry so it’s always a good idea to keep a back-up in your drawer.

So how do you cop a free mascara? Head to the nearest store, click here to find the closest location, and simply bring in an old tube of Maybelline or any other mascara brand to trade in. You’ll be able to recycle an old product and get a new mascara all in one. You probably shouldn’t sleep in either as this deal is only available to the first 100 customers.

Last summer, MAC Cosmetics gave out limited amounts of free lipstick and if the long lines were any indication, they were all sold out before noon. If Fenty Beauty ever did a similar promotion, I can only imagine the mayhem that’d ensue.

If you can’t get your hands on a free mascara tube this weekend, the product retails for just $8 on the site.

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