Jenna Dewan Tatum’s First ‘Step Up’ Audition With Channing Tatum Is Swoon-Worthy

Step Up may be a ~mildly~ unrealistic romantic dance flick, but Jenna Dewan Tatum and Channing Tatum‘s first audition together is every bit as adorable as their first on-screen dance (“CATCH ME.”)

“They just sent me my audition tape and it’s really funny, really cute, and also embarrassing and crazy,” Dewan shared on her Youtube channel.

In the video, which honestly belongs in a Museum of True Love somewhere, it’s clear the two don’t know one another, but their chemistry is palpable.

“Please watch how many times I giggle,” Dewan laughed. She does laugh a lot, especially when Channing pretends he doesn’t know how to dance (which, OKAY) and when they look like they are “posing for [their prom].”

Also catch the moment when they both introduce themselves, then say “hi” and gaze into one another’s eyes like they know their lives are FOREVER CHANGED.

As we all know, they went on to score the parts, get married, have a child together, produce a Step Up web series, and hold the world’s hopes and dreams together with their rom-com worthy love story.




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