Logan Paul Bragged About How Many Followers He Gained After His Controversial YouTube Video








Love him or hate him, Logan Paul has made his vlogging return and it seems like not much has changed. Paul took a 22-day break from vlogging after his Suicide Forest video scandal.

At the beginning of the year Paul posted a video to his YouTube channel titled, “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest…” and they really did find a dead a body. This wasn’t a click-bait headline.

Paul was rightfully dragged for his video. It was deeply disrespectful and ignorant. He released two apologies, one was a classic Notes App screenshot he tweeted out that wasn’t totally empathetic. He basically just said how he wasn’t perfect and makes mistakes. His second apology was a monetized YouTube video that showed him crying.

But now his return is here and not much has changed. In his YouTube video posted Sunday titled, “LOGAN PAUL IS BACK!” he breaks down how this year he’ll be different. But right off the bat, he brags how he gained a million followers during his break.

Bragging that you gained followers from posting a horrific and traumatizing video shouldn’t be brag-worthy. It also just shows how little Paul has actually changed.

The video didn’t get much better. Paul asked his fans to buy his merch so he can keep the multi-million dollar house he bought in October 2017. According to the LA Times, Paul’s house is worth $6.55 million and is 9,200 square feet.


After his Suicide Forest video, YouTube took Paul out of their Google Preferred program. This program lets advertisers sell ads on the top 5% of YouTubers. They also stopped any original YouTube Red projects with him. This move by YouTube is according to Paul seriously hurting his bank account.

Paul said he is going to donate $1 million to various suicide prevention organizations and posted a suicide prevention video before his return to vlogging.

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