Cardi B’s Receiving Death Threats Over A Instagram Picture

It’s kinda hard not to love Cardi B. The 25-year-old’s quickly become one of today’s hottest stars in music, and you literally can’t turn on the radio without hearing the Bronx native’s spit bars.

Cardi B

Known for keeping it incredibly candid and speaking her mind, On Monday, Cardi B posted to her Instagram a picture of herself that caused the young rapper to receive death threats.

Cardi, who manages her own Instagram and posts all of her own content, posted a picture of herself in a royal blue fur coat, large sunglasses and black booties. Under the picture in her caption, she said, “I hate wearing Flue, but this coat was too poppin.”

The picture, which has garnered more than 1 million likes over the past few days, was flooded with comments as per usual. Known to quickly shoot back at her haters who come at her in her comments, Cardi remained quiet this go-round when several commentators posted threatening messages on her page including one that read: “Now why you go and do this f**k s**t, Cardi. This is literally WestCoast Suicide …. bitch betta get #neutral.”

So what’s the reason behind the alarming messages?

According to reports, Cardi B’s use of the word “Flue” was seen by some commentators as a hardcore diss toward the West Coast-based Crips gang. Being as how the Crips favorite color is blue, rival gang members, the Bloods, commonly substitute when saying the word “blue” to ensure they never utter the symbolic color of their rivals.


Cardi B’s never been one to shy away from a little controversy, but the death threats became so excessive that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has since deleted her caption and disabled her comments.

Since Cardi’s debut, several fans have noted the rapper’s blatant displays of the color red and her numerous references to the color which led many to speculate whether she was, in fact, a member of the gang.

Cardi had at one point said she would never openly snitch on herself but eventually confirmed what many had guessed in a tweet last May.

Bitch I been a big time Blood since I was 16 sooo fuck is you talking bout ..ya just never peep it

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) May 7, 2017

Since confirming her affiliation with the gang, Cardi’s references have for the most part gone unnoticed & has caused little to no controversy. Instead, the rapper, who just inked her first movie deal has been completely focused on her career and engagement to Migos rapper Offset.

Cardi’s set to appear in LA in ten days for the NBA All-Star festivities, but after Monday’s  snub, some commentators advised her to stay away from the West Coast.

“This will not be accepted,” one commenter said. “#DONTCOMETOLA.”

Cardi has yet to comment on the recent threats and snub, but as usual, she was back on social media just a few hours later posting and appeared unbothered.

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