This Hilarious GIF Of Cardi B Is The Internet’s New Favorite Meme

The Grammys were controversial like always. The artists who were fan favorites didn’t win much *cough SZA*, Rihanna was body shamed and only one female Alessia Cara took home a Grammy for a major category.

The lack of female Grammy winners didn’t go unnoticed, and the Grammys’ President said that women need to “step up” if they want to win more. Yeah, the whole night was a big yikes. The only good thing to come from the award show was the video of Blue Ivy hushing Beyonce and this fantastic GIF of Cardi B looking confused as hell while be interviewed by Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet.

Even though the Grammys were a few days ago, this GIF recently has blown up. Cardi’s face is hilarious, she’s trying her hardest to follow along, but clearly, she has no idea what Giuliana is talking about.

The GIF of Cardi is now being used as the perfect reaction to GIF to a slew of hilarious tweets.

Cardi looking lost wasn’t the only memorable moment from her interview with Giuliana. In that same red carpet interview, Cardi told Giuliana that she was nervous about the awards and has “butterflies in my stomach and vagina.” It’s not every day you have celebs saying vagina on national TV, but that’s Cardi for you.

Cardi is always herself, and we can’t get enough.

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