This Beyonce Wax Figure Looks Like A Bad White ‘Real Housewives’ Cast Member

Beyonce is hands down one of the biggest celebrities in the world. If you closed your eyes, you could picture her and all of her features in great detail. But apparently, her image is more elusive and harder to replicate with wax. A Bey wax figure at a museum in Niagara Falls, New York looks like a terrible combination of Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson.

The figure’s hair is blonde and lifeless, it’s eyebrows are just wrong, the dress is tacky and not to mention the wax figure is white. Beyonce is black for anyone who doesn’t know like the people who made this wax figure.

Ama Scriver uploaded a photo of the rude wax figure to Twitter and said, “According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, This is Beyoncé.”

If you don’t believe that this is actually supposed to be Queen Bey just zoom in on the tacky name tag on her chest. The terrible, borderline offensive, wax figure has already been removed from the museum, but it’s still being made fun of on Twitter.

Fans joked about who this “Beyonce” figure actually looked like.

The whitewashing also didn’t go unnoticed. It’s impossible NOT to notice it.

The museum may have something against Bey, but it’s most likely that this wax museum is just bad. Scriver and another Twitter user Jessica Bloom shared photos of other botched celeb wax figures from this museum.

Pamela Anderson has a lazy eye apparently.

R Patz and K Stew look like their Twilight characters if you squint and stand far away. It also doesn’t help that the poster for the movie is right behind the figures amplifying how terrible they are.

Poor Celine Dion.

Beyonce wax figures have notoriously always been not accurate and have never done Bey justice.

Seems like Beyonce’s beauty and skin color just can’t be captured with wax.

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