Swole Kim Kardashian Is The Newest Meme To Bless Your Feed







A new day means a new Kardashian update. At the moment, we can rest easy because Kylie and Kim just had their daughters and named them and Kanye just returned to Instagram. While today there’s no news about a pregnancy or baby name, we’ve been given something better, a new meme.

There’s nothing a meme can’t fix, from a bad mood to a boring afternoon. A creative Twitter user took screenshots of Kim Kardashian from KUWTK scenes and in a twist, gave her muscular arms. The meme quickly began making the rounds on the internet and it’s being recycled around Twitter and Instagram.

Gym Kardashian? Muscle Kim? Gym Kim? The meme’s official name is unsure, but one thing’s clear and that is everyone’s here for it. The meme is giving new meaning to enviable tank-top arms.



People have already started creating memes in response to the meme.


Users are alluding to physical and emotional strength as one user writes, “Me trying to stay strong on Valentine’s Day” or “Me after bringing in all the groceries in one trip.”




Though some may find the photos laughable, props to Kim if her arms actually did look like this.

Will a Gym Kendall or Gym Kylie be next?

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