This Makeup Artist Mastered Painting Characters & Celebrities On Her Eyes

There’s no limit to what makeup artists can do. They know how to execute a flawless wing, cut crease, contour, you name it. Beyond that, they’ve created brands for themselves by pushing the envelope. There was the artist who recreated Disney looks with a personal twist and the girl who turned herself into a Bratz doll.

But this makeup artist is taking it one step, or two, further, with her looks of painted-on faces on her eyes. She is serving looks, literally. She isn’t the first to do this as an artist last year got attention for painting celeb faces on the corner of eyes. But for Kristen Jones? She paints faces on her entire eyelid.

Jones, a licensed cosmetologist, is the mastermind behind the Instagram @drownthecityy. Aside from posting photos of flawless brows and bright eyeshadow looks, she also features her intricate creations of painted-on celeb faces and characters, along with photos of the full process. The faces aren’t small either, as some are interwoven through her eyebrow.

Jones spoke of the process on her IG, “It’s so different and fun than regular makeup because it really is drawing on your face and makeup art! I started doing characters to teach myself how to do small detailing and shading with regular makeup and it really just grew on me and I LOVE it because I hardly ever have the time to draw on paper anymore!”

Manny Mua, complete with stubble.

Timmy Turner in his vintage Nickelodeon glory.

Jones created her account early last year and has already amassed 17,000 followers.

Ladies, we need to do better because our inner corner glitter and falsies just aren’t cutting it anymore.

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