This Makeup Artist Recreated Disney Princess Looks With Signature Indian Accessories & Clothing

Makeup artists are constantly pushing the envelope. Armed with brushes, eyeshadow, and the perfect selfie angle, these artists can make powerful statements just by enhancing their faces. There have been trippy looks that make us all do a double take or looks that turned one innovative artist into a real-life Bratz doll. TBH, having a perfect contouring and a flawless wing just isn’t enough anymore.

It’s always been a trend to recreate Disney princess looks, especially now that so many live-action films are in the works, either through drawings or makeup. Artists are frequently reimagining Disney princesses, from what they’d look like in 2017 to how they’d appear as queens.

Indian makeup artist and model Hamel Patel gave us her own interpretation of the Disney princesses, but with a unique twist. While you can immediately recognize which princess she’s channeling in each shot, Patel also adds signature Indian pieces to the looks, from a sari and bindi to a nose ring and other traditional jewelry.

Patel added a fork, Ariel’s favorite find from her shipwreck discoveries, to the waves in her hair.

Patel matched her sari and headband to Cinderella’s signature blue ballgown.

Which one’s your favorite?

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