A Theater Accidentally Played ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Instead Of ‘Black Panther’ & The Response Was Hilarious

Black Panther broke pre-sale records, and just days after its premiere, the highly-anticipated superhero movie has already surpassed box office expectations. According to CNN, the Marvel movie has brought in $192 million this weekend so far, making it the fifth biggest opening “of all time.”

The response on social media has been overwhelming, as viewers applaud the first Marvel film directed by an African-American and starring a largely black cast. People are flocking to theaters to see the movie — and the audience at Atlanta’s Regal Atlantic Station was appropriately horrified when the staff accidentally started playing Fifty Shades Freed instead.

Twitter user ChefWaites shared a video of the audience’s reaction when the raunchy three-quel began playing, and I’ve watched it six times so far (zero without collapsing into laughter).

A chorus of “Noooooooo!” immediately followed the opening shots of Mr. Grey and Anastasia’s wedding, accompanied by uproarious laughter.

“What are we doing?” someone shouted.

Aiight so this happened at Atlantic Station. They played 50 shades instead of black panther pic.twitter.com/5WhvX270Y5

— The Chef (Steve) (@ChefWaites) February 16, 2018

According to HuffPost, the mistake was rectified within a few minutes — but this hysterical video footage is forever.


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