Kylie Jenner’s New Found Love For Instagram Has Nothing To Do With The Snapchat Update

Kylie Jenner is undoubtedly the kween of Snapchat. She was one of the first celebrities to create a public Snapchat and is the most followed person on the platform. Without Kylie’s influence who knows where Snap would be? Her account changed the way celebrities used the app and the app itself.

But now Kylie has declared Snap to be dead and the culprit for its death, their new update.

Since coming back from her social media hiatus, Kylie has been posting more on her Instagram story than on Snapchat. You may think this is because of Snapchat’s new update, but I, a person who had too much time on their hand, believes otherwise.

Kylie’s pivot to Instagram isn’t out of the blue and not a reaction to Snap’s highly criticized update. Her move to Instagram is a business move based on her follower count.

During Kylie’s social media blackout her Instagram profile entered the elite group of having over 100 million followers. Kylie is one of eight celebs to reach this goal.

The best part is Kylie wasn’t even posting content regularly like she normally does. According to her Social Blade, Kylie crossed the 100 million thresholds on December 14, 2017, she didn’t post anything that day.

In the last 30 days, Kylie has only posted 11 times on Instagram but has gained a massive 3,666,687 followers. On average she gains about 122,223 followers a day. That’s 5,093 followers an hour, 85 followers a minute that’s about 1.5 followers a second. You can actually watch a live feed of her follower count grow.

Yes, the new Snapchat update does suck, but Kylie’s savvier than the world believes.

It makes sense that Kylie would stop using Snapchat and now focus more on Instagram. She’s a businesswoman who relies on her followers and fans to sell her product and keep her relevant. She has a greater outreach on Instagram despite Snap being her “first love“.

It’s hard to determine how many followers Kylie exactly has on Snapchat because that information is kept private. In February 2016, Kylie confirmed that she had 10 million Snapchat followers. In August that same year, Kylie made a visit to Snap’s HQ where they confirmed she was the most followed person “by a long-shot.”

Even though Kylie is the most followed Snapper there is no way her Snapchat following could even touch her 104 million and counting Instagram following. But why did it take Kylie so long to make the jump from Snap to Insta? Truly I think she just didn’t care and preferred Snapchat more. But after she crossed into the 100 million follower club it was hard to ignore. That level of outreach is almost impossible to come by, only eight people have it.

Then she uploaded the first picture of Stormi Webster, her daughter, on February 6 and smashed Instagram records. The photo quickly became the most liked Instagram photo of all time. Her photo of Stormi has 17.5 million likes, while the second most liked photo (former first place photo) posted by Cristiano Ronaldo only has 11.3 million likes.

Ronaldo is the second most followed person on the platform and Kylie didn’t just beat out his most liked record, she destroyed it. It would be a bad business move on her part to ignore her tremendous influence on Instagram. After she posted the photo of Stormi she gained 1.37 million followers.

Her tweet declaring Snap to be dead wasn’t a plea to Snap to change their new layout it was just a warning sign to her fans that she will be posting less on that platform and more on the other platform that has a similar feature, Instagram stories.

And she has been posting more on Insta stories. She debuted her new weather-themed Kylie Cosmetics collection on her IG story. The collection is in honor of Stormi. In the past, she would post these reveals on Snapchat and then later upload those videos to her Instagram. Now it’s the reverse.

This may seem very knit-picky, but everything Kylie does, especially related to her business, is done with a purpose, including where she reveals her newest Kylie Cosmetics products.

It’s only a matter of time before Kylie’s following eclipses her half-sister Kim Kardashian‘s. Just think about it, Kris Jenner only started transforming Kim Kardashian into being a multi-million dollar savvy businesswoman when she was in her early 20s. Kylie, on the other hand, has that blueprint. Kim was the mold, but Kylie is the final product.

The time it took you to read this Kylie has gained roughly another 340 Instagram followers.

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