‘Riverdale’ Stars Lili Reinhart & Camila Mendes Perfectly Called Out A Magazine For Photoshopping Them

Riverdale‘s leading ladies, Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes are super vocal about body image and being body-posi.


Reinhart is super open about her struggle with mental illness. She continually talks about her struggle with anxiety and depression. She’s also called fans out for body shaming her.

Mendes is super vocal about her own mental illness and past eating disorder. She has teamed up with Project HEAL and recently announced a new movement called Done With Dieting.

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When did being thin become more important than being healthy? I recently went to a naturopath for the first time in my life. I told her about my anxiety around food and my obsession with dieting. She phrased a pivotal question in such a way that struck a chord with me: what other things could you be thinking about if you didn't spend all your time thinking about your diet? I suddenly remembered all the activities I love that used to occupy my time. At some point in my life, I allowed my obsession with being thin to consume me, and I refused to make room in my mind for any other concerns. Somehow I had stripped myself of all the pastimes that brought me joy, and all that was left of me was my anxiety around food. My passion for education, cinema, music, etc. ā€” all the interests that used to occupy my mind ā€” had been eaten away by my desire to be thin, and it made me miserable. I'm done believing in the idea that there's a thinner, happier version of me on the other side of all the tireless effort. Your body type is subject to genetics, and while eating nutrient-dense foods and exercising regularly will make you healthier, it will not necessarily make you thinner, and the current system fails to make that distinction. Iā€™m sick of the toxic narrative that the media consistently feeds us: that being thin is the ideal body type. A healthy body is the ideal body type, and that will look different for every person. Iā€™m #donewithdieting – join me in this movement and share your story!

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So yeah, these ladies are badass and super transparent about their struggles and are fantastic role models. They were duel cover stars for Cosmopolitan‘s February cover.

They looked amazing and to make it even better their photos weren’t photoshopped. Cosmopolitan Philippines reposted the photos on their Instagram but severely edited their waistlines.

Instead of staying quiet about it Lili and Camila called the publication out on their Instagram Stories and it was amazing.

Reinhart called out the publication in honor of International Women’s Day. “It’s sad that you felt our bodies needed to be slimmed down,” she wrote on her story.”But Camila and I are f***ing beautiful. As is. And you can’t “fix” us.”

She then showed both the unedited and edited photos.

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She then shared Mendes’s photoshopped waistline.

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Reinhart ended her Instagram Story by posting, “Camila and I have worked incredibly hard to feel confident and comfortable in the bodies that we have.”

Mendes jumped in on the photoshopping debacle on her own Instagram Story. She wrote that she and Reinhart feel “disrespected & disturbed” by their photoshopped bodies.

“We want their readers to know that those bodies are not ours; they have been distorted from their natural beauty,” Mendes wrote. “We prefer to see out bodies the way they actually are. I’m not interested in having a slimmer waist, I’m more than satisfied with the one that I already have.”

Both of the women thanks Cosmopolitan for not photoshopping their cover and altering their bodies. Reinhart ended her story by encouraging other celebrities to stand up to photoshopping. “It’s only encouraging an unrealistic body image,” she wrote.

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