Katy Perry Wore A Onesie With Orlando Bloom’s Face So That’s Something To Think About

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not officially dating right now, but a Perry sighting on Thursday night has fans convinced that the pair is back on.

The “Swish Swish” singer and former Taylor Swift adversary was spotted leaving her concert in Chile March 8 wearing a not-so-conspicuous onesie adorned with shots of Orlando Bloom’s smiling face. She posed for fan photos from the window of a black SUV, which have of course been posted to social media.

“GUYS CHECK THIS OUT,” one fan posted to Instagram.


For those who’ve been tracking Bloom’s Instagram feed, the onesie might look familiar. His mom sported what looks like an identical onesie in January 2017 for her son’s birthday, captured in a ridiculously wholesome picture.


Perry and Bloom split in February 2017, but have been spotted together in both Prague and the Maldives in the year since, so at the very least, they’ve remained good friends (like, the kind of friends who wear onesies of each other’s faces). It’s yet to be determined whether donning a onesie of someone’s face is as official as posting a picture with someone on Instagram.

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