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Dream Kardashian isn’t even two years old and is arguably the cutest of Kardashian offsprings. In my opinion, she is the cutest offspring, which I know is controversial. Listen I know North West is adorable and Stormi Webster already has a makeup collection out, but Dream is the cutest! She has eyelashes that are a mile long!

What isn’t arguable is that Dream is the only one of her cousins to carry on the Kardashian name, which is huge. Her mom, Blac Chyna tried to capitalize on that last name many moons ago but was unsuccessful.

Baby Dreamy’s life is far different than her cousins’ lives. For starters, she isn’t on the family reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Sometimes you’ll see a blurred out blob on Khloe or Kris’ hip, which is Dream.


Her face isn’t shown on the show because her parents’ don’t allow it. We don’t know if they both mutually agreed to not show Dream or if it’s just one parent’s doing.

Which brings us to Dream’s parents, Rob Kardashian and Chyna.


Nothing about the Kardashians is conventional and Rob and Chyna are no exception. The two have had a tumultuous relationship, to put it lightly. When they first started dating people were shocked and thought Chyna’s motives weren’t genuine because her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Tyga dumped Chyna to date Kylie Jenner, Rob’s half-sister. Who at the time was just 18, even though people believe they started dating when she was 17.

It was borderline incestuous and creepy. If Kylie and Tyga had a baby, that kid would be Dream’s cousin and her half-brother King’s half-sibling. Just thinking about the family connection makes my brain hurt. Thankfully Kylie’s baby is with Travis Scott.


At one point Rob and Chyna were engaged and had a reality show that highlighted all their relationship problems. One iconic scene showed Chyna yelling at Rob on the phone, “Are you still texting bitches? Yes or no?!” It was iconic, but their relationship was not.

Blac Chyna

The two broke up at the end of 2016 after Dream was born. Chyna moved out taking Dream with her. Rob posted videos of him crying saying Chyna took Dream and the entire nursery with her. It seems like Chyna didn’t give him any warning that she would be leaving and taking their kid with her.


They got back together and broke up a few other times, but in summer 2017 their relationship officially ended when Rob posted nude photos of Chyna on his Instagram. He was getting revenge because she allegedly cheated and was leading him on. He also posted personal texts between them, shamed her for getting plastic surgery and much more.

They’re currently in a huge legal battle about custody, claims of assault and numerous other things. But despite Rob and Chyna’s personal fallout they have managed to give Dream a great life. Click through the gallery at the top to see more photos of baby Dream Kardashian.

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