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Kourtney Kardashian deserves a way bigger fan base then she has acquired. Yes, she gives us amazing deadpan emotionless commentary that is refreshing compared to her sisters’ dramatic ways, but it still feels like she is being underappreciated. Because it’s her 39th birthday it’s time to shed some light on why Kourtney deserves our attention and Instagram likes.

Kourt has had quite a year. The reality star turns 39 today, and for Kardashian standards, Kourtney stepped up her game this past year. She confirmed that she is dating young and hot model Younes Bendjima, she launched her own clothing collaboration with Pretty Little Thing and based on her Instagram went on a vacation at least once a month.


Kourtney’s feed was littered with hot, sexy and fashionable vacation snaps. We all know the Kardashians love a luxurious vacation, they always go on a big family one for the filming of their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kourtney didn’t wait up for their annual family vacation this year. She traipsed around the world posting vacation pictures that would make anyone envious.

Based on her photos, Kourt went on a trip at the very least once every month since April 2017 except for in December. She visited 16 different destinations and the entire time served looks that were probably saved to many inspo collections. Kourtney is a savant when it comes to capturing the perfect vacation photo and having a witty caption to match.

What kicked off her year of wanderlust was a trip to Puerto Rico with Kim and her friends for her last birthday in April 2017. A month later she was in Cannes for the film festival, but mostly to look glamorous at parties and lounge on yachts. The next month she was in Cleveland with Khloe to see Tristan Thompson in action. The month after in July 2017 she was in the south of France.


A week or so later she was in Nantucket with her kids and friends enjoying the summer on the east coast. The next month she and Younes traveled to Eygpt. Then from Eygpt, they traveled around the Red Sea.

Are you tired yet? This is all the traveling she did in five months, and her year of travel is nowhere near done.

Late September 2017 Kourt was in Paris with Younes. Younes’ mom lives in Paris, and he speaks fluent French.


A few weeks later in November 2017 her and her family were in Utah. This is the last trip she went on for the year and based on her Instagram she stayed in Los Angeles for most of November and all of December.

She rang in the new year with her kids on the slopes in Deer Valley, Utah. A few weeks later that month her and Younes traveled down to Punta de Mita, Mexico for a quick vacation.

Right after her Mexico trip, she was in New York City in early February with her daughter Penelope and Kim’s daughter North.


The Kardashians went on a skiing trip a few days later. The location wasn’t tagged, but I would bet big money they weren’t in Los Angeles. Then in March Kim, Khloe and Kourt ventured to Japan for a sister trip.

A month later in April Kourt and Younes spent a few days up the coast in San Francisco together. Just this past week Kourtney and Kim’s families spent their Spring Break together in Turks and Caicos.

Kourtney’s 38th year was better than most, and it’s doubtful she is going to log fewer miles during her 39th year.

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