This Woman Succesfully Delivered Her Baby On Her Own Thanks To YouTube Videos

When it comes to giving birth, the hospital room is no longer the typical environment. Not all of us are Khloe Kardashian when it comes to deciding on the city of birth of our child, and the actual location where it happens is even harder to predict. Sometimes expecting mothers don’t make it to the hospital in time and have to deliver their babies in cars, hallways and even Target.

While everyone might be talking about Kate and William’s new royal baby, this woman went viral for delivering her baby by herself and with the help of YouTube videos, of course.

Tia Freeman of Nashville didn’t find out she was pregnant until her third trimester due to her being used to her birth control impacting her usual cycles. She said she was “in denial for another month,” and carried on with her life preparing for a vacation to Germany. After cramps on her flight, which she attributed to food sensitivities, she starts wondering if she’s about to go into labor.

As one does, Tia became her own hype man and convinced herself that she wasn’t about to give birth at the Istanbul airport. After making it to her hotel, she began preparing by searching YouTube videos as she didn’t speak Turkish and didn’t know the emergency number.

As a true badass, Tia got ready to do the damn thing, with seemingly no stress. She climbed into the tub and began pushing. After only a few pushes, her “baby popped out…That little joker said bloop and floated right on up to the top of the water.”

It wasn’t over after her son was born, though. Tia waited for the placenta to pass and proceeded to google how to cut an umbilical cord. Using sterilized shoelaces as a measuring guide, Tia cut off the cord which was “tougher than it looks.”

As if she had done this all before, Tia skips the hospital visit and goes to bed with her newborn.

After a lengthy process at the airport, Tia became a hit with the Turkish press. As a tribute, Tia gave her son Xavier a Turkish middle name, Ata.

Her friend gave a summary of the whole story.

Fellow Twitter users are hailing Tia as a “superhero” and hoping she’ll get a chance to go on Ellen. Her story only proves that women really can do anything and that YouTube will come in handy in any situation.

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